Guide to staking wonderland’s Time

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In this guide I will show you how to stake the cryptocurrency TIME on the Wonderland app.

More specifically I will: a) guide you through moving funds from Binance to Metamask on the Avalanche Network b) show you how to buy TIME at TraderJoesxyz DEX and c) we will enter the magic world of Wonderland to stake your time and start earning. Lots of cryptocurrency moves involve somewhat convoluted processes to move funds around. We will be going through a lot of information and frequently switching between websites and tabs, so keep your mind focussed and keep your fingers nimble.


The token is called TIME and the project is called Wonderland. If you haven’t heard of it, its a hyper-inflationary decentralised reserve currency that describes itself on its website as a financial tool to grow your wealth – stake and earn compounding interest. It is a fork of an original idea by Olympus DAO. Olympus DAO runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has rather high fees. Wonderland fixes the high fee issue by running on the Avalanche Network, where the fees are much, much lower than they are on Ethereum.

Wonderland offers a staggering APY on staked TIME. At the time of writing it was 65,977%. That’s enough to catch your eye, especially if you bank in the UK where the average APY is a shit eating 0.1%. I won’t go into my views on the project. It is up to you if you want to put money in. Remember, this is not financial or investment advice.


Starting in Binance. I am assuming you have some funds in Binance. If not use that link back there to set yourself up with an account and deposit some fiat funds. Setting up a Binance account is really easy, so I won’t go through it.

You must have Metamask set up. Read how to do that here.

I’m also assuming you know how to use an DEX (Decentralised Exchange). Read my guide on how to use a DEX like Pancake Swap or Uniswap – once you know one you know them all.

You can put in as much or as little money as you like.

Step 1  – Acquire Avax

Log in to your Binace account and exchange your fiat or your chosen crypto into the Avax currency. Then head to your spot wallet.
Note: the minimum you can withdraw is 0.4 Avax. This caught me out the first time because I wanted to go through the process with a really small amount of Avax to get a feel for the process.

Step 2 – Set up Avalance Network on Metamask.

See this simple guide to adding the Avalanche Network to your Metamask wallet here. Once you are finished come back and proceed to step 3.

Step 3 – Send your AVAX to your Metamask Wallet

Step 4 – Swap AVAX for TIME at Trader Joes

N.B. The safest way to add the TIME token to your Metamask wallet by going to the website, clickign the TIME button in the top right, then from the drop down choose “Add token to wallet”.

Step 5 – Stake TIME in Wonderland

Open a new tab and head to the

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