BEAF Festival

24th June - 4th July
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Festival Highlight

William Kentridge

South African artist best known for his prints, drawings and animated films.

June 27th 6pm at the Boscombe Centre.

This years theme

2B Human

In the face of the pandemic the ultimate question has arisen from the chaos:

What does it mean to be human?

Our commissioned artists this year will explore what it means to be human; inspired in part by the work of the renowned South African artist William Kentridge, whose short animated film Other Faces will be exhibited during the festival.

Expect an exciting array of over 150 events happening across the festival week ranging from independent film screenings, to live performances and exhibitions alongside a full programme of workshops, talks and family friendly events both in person and online. 

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Festival Program

To find out what’s going on and when visit our events page for times and dates.